A personal logo, I started over 2 years ago, is finally finalized. I’m pretty proud and excited about it, and hopeful that it will endure, since I like it just as much 2 years later. My nickname is Tiffer Star, hence the star dotting the ‘i’.

Business Cards

Business Cards are mandatory for any freelancer, photographers and filmmakers are no exception. Creatives such as these need business cards that are more than just informative, their business cards should also be visually stunning. We set out to create a dazzling design with the minuscule 2 inch by 3 inch canvas that business cards allot. I think theses beautiful business cards speak for themselves!


I realized that I needed to update/redesign my resume since my previous one was designed during my graduation… in 2009! Now that I have my new branding, I had a new direction to go in! This is what I came up with.

More design Work