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Catanese Business Law Website Home Page

I couldn’t bring myself to cropping this beauty of a site, I had to show the hole home page! I also usually only show websites that I’ve designed and built from scratch, I guess I’m breaking a lot of rules, and pulling out all of the stops. This website was built with the always impressive Impreza WordPress theme. Pre-built themes are a great way to get a head start, but nobody wants a site that LOOKS like it’s built with a theme. With the Catanese Business Law I set out to create a professional and sophisticated look perfectly suited for a Law firm. I think the look of the site does exactly that!


Typography is SO important in a website’s design! I’m not partial to slab fonts by any means but I am in LOVE with Flamenco, the font used on this website.

Pretty Pictures

Photographs are a significant part of the aesthetics and legitimacy of a website. Unsplash is an amazing source for professional photographs that are free for commercial use.

Pretty Colors

The navy blue and gold colors of the site give it a sophisticated look, much like a gilded leather book.

More design Work