About Tiffany

As a child Tiffany Israel enjoyed picking up her Dad’s Canon AE-1 Camera and focusing on objects around the room with the intriguing, yet confusing split focus. She would permit herself to shoot one frame per visit as to not raise suspicion of an eager shutter bug waisting expensive film. This of course was back in the day when it cost money to snap a picture. Lo and behold, she was the only one using the camera, and what developed was 24 frames of stuffed animals, and Saturday morning cartoons on the tv.

For many Christmases and Birthday’s in a row Tiffany received Kodak Ektralite Camera kits from her (favorite) Aunt Lynnie. Whether it was an urging toward a future passion or a forgetful gift giver, these camera kits were the beginning of a life of documenting the people and events around her.

125950-R3-2ATowards the end of her freshman year of high school, Tiffany took pictures of a baseball game for a classmate’s yearbook article. The results were impressive, and Tiffany was encouraged to shoot more for the yearbook. She came back her sophomore year with a Canon EOS-650 SLR camera that she borrowed from her mom and a Tamron zoom lens and continued captured great photos. She loved the fast shooting ability of an SLR compared to the infuriating lag of a point and shoot camera. Getting the exposed photos back from the drug store was an electric feeling.

Shortly after high school Tiffany began working at a portrait studio in the mall, where she got a lot of hands on photography experience. She managed to save enough money for her first digital SLR, a Canon Digital Rebel, which opened up a world of photographic experimentation. The instant gratification of taking a photo and then immediately seeing the result on the massive 2″ LCD on the back of the camera was a beautiful thing. Tiffany now scoffed at the idea of waiting an hour to get a photo developed.
Tiffany Israel - Picture People badge
Knowing that she didn’t want to be a portrait photographer in the mall forever she did a quick google search of “Photography School”, and discovered Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, Calif. In a matter of months Tiffany began the Visual Journalism program at Brooks and was invigorated by the opportunity for creative expression. During her education there she also developed as a graphic designer, learned web development and filmed documentaries that aired on television.

Tiffany Israel GraduationSince graduating from Brooks, Tiffany has used her photographic powers for good. She has traveled to ten countries, documenting her travels in a unique and artistic way. She has shot for awesome clients like Jet Blue, done set photography for a commercial with Danny Trejo, and created stunning personal projects.


Brooks Graduation

Magna Cum Laude

Special Recognition Award