Tiff’s Tiny House

Tiffs Tiny House Exterior Elevation



24 ft


13.5 ft


< 10K lbs

Square Footage

180 sq ft. sans loft


I am a lover of Jesus, graphic designer, web designer/developer, photographer, videographer, and all together creat-a-holic. And I just so happen to be building a Tiny House this summer/fall.

This crazy idea started percolating after I paid off my student loans, and I thought, “What’s next?” in this thing we call #adulting. Naturally home ownership seemed like the next step, but living in Southern California comes at a high cost. There are less expensive places to live, like pretty much every other state, but it’s important for me to stay near the ones I love and the weather especially where I live is too luxurious to leave.

I don’t quite remember when the idea took hold, but sometime in the Fall of 2015 tiny houses got on my radar and the more I thought about the benefits the more it started to make sense and actually feel like something I could should do.

Tiny house living definitely isn’t for everyone but I think there are a lot of facets to it that challenge our conventional thinking. Such as… Is bigger, really better?Is it true that less is more? Could I live more simply and have more time for people and living life than just doing life?

I’m excited to see where this journey of tiny home building takes me. I think it will be an empowering, frustrating and joyful adventure sprinkled with some blood, sweat, tears and colorful word choices.


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